Workplace Injury Prevention

In 2009–10, 57.9 per 1000 workers workers reported they had incurred a work-related injury in the previous 12 months (Safe Work Australia). Workplace injury prevention aims to:

  • Reduce your workplace injury risk
  • Lower your insurance premiums
  • Reduce your staff turnover
  • Increase your productivity

Manual Handling Education and Training

Lisarow Physiotherapy can work with employers and employees to construct a Manual Handling Education and Training workshop to meet the needs of your work place. The aim of the workshop is to provide workers with knowledge of body mechanics and correct anatomical loading in the work place specific to their employment. Education, training and feedback on the latest manual handling techniques will be provided to up skill and self empower the worker. The emphasis will be on correcting and modifying the worker’s technique and position while in their working environment. Our onsite workplace workshop can be tailored from individualized sessions to small groups ensuring employees are physically capable of all their required duties.

Ergonomic Assessment/ Risk Assessment

Lisarow Physiotherapy can provide a workplace Risk Assessment to review the working environment of your employees. Our qualified staff will identify any risks within the business that could possibly lead to further injury.

Design set up, user techniques, positioning, and posture of the worker can be assessed in their natural environment. Any modifications or advice can be given on site and also in a written summary. Ensuring that the equipment or environment will not be endangering the employee and that the set up best suits the employee, will help to reduce the risk of workplace injury.